Three Blog Night…

Sorry, no story tonight.  I actually did write a third blog for this weekend, but it is currently on hold while my team of advisors debates whether or not it is appropriate to post.  As for tonight, I decided to do a few things with this short blog.

First, I would like to highlight one of the blogs that I read – Ironclad Finances. This blog happens to be written by my baby sister, a side project from the wealth management firm she works for. It’s extremely well written and I think many of you would benefit from the advice she offers. She actually lives the adivce she gives out, so its much more than just words on a screen – it really works.  Check it out when you get a chance.

Additionally, I’d like to use this space to clean up my week in blogging. I actually wrote 5 blogs this week (6 including this one), which surprised me.  Here is the list, in case you missed any:

Daddy Daughter Day – a day spent with my two girls

Where I knock around a celebrity – I knock shoulders with Freddie Prinze Jr.

From my soul – a heartfelt thank you for the support of my blogging efforts

Why I teach – How I came to be a teacher, and why.

Summer of ’89 – a tale about scaring my mom long ago

If you haven’t read any and you don’t have time for all, read the teaching one… it’s up there with the story of my Grandpa Gil as my favorite blog to date.

I hope you’re enjoying these as much as I’m enjoying writing them.  Hopefully I’ll have that other post up soon.  Have a blessed Easter – enjoy time spent with those who are most important in your life, and remembering the reason for the day!001

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