More stuff Riley says…

Riley is a master of manipulating the wifie. This frequently occurs at bedtime, when Riley resists sleep and draws wifie into an inane conversation meant to lull mama into a deep slumber. This works masterfully about 97% of the time.  Here’s how tonight’s conversation went…

Daddy: “Mama, wake up!  You can’t fall asleep in here again tonight.”

Wifie: “S’ok.  I’m not sleeping.”

Riley: grinning

Daddy: “Well, why are you still up here?”

Wifie: “Riley was telling me a story.  Actually, she made a good point.”

Daddy: “What’s that?”

Wifie: “I was telling her good night, and she told me that when bats go to church, they must have pews that hang from the ceiling of the church. Isn’t that a good thought?”

Daddy: “Wow. That is a good thought.  Did you just think of that now, Riley?”

Riley: *glances at sleepy mama, then looks up at me and nods knowingly with a huge smile on her face*

If not for daddy, mama would have spent another night asleep upstairs, this time due to bats attending church in upside down pews. Oh that Riley!

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One Response to More stuff Riley says…

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hahaha! What a sweet heart! And a very calculated girl…..I have one of those too 🙂

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