The best type of message…

When I started the blog, I was hoping that my Story would resonate with all of you. I’m not rich and famous, and my story is far from perfect – but I am trying to LIVE each moment. Blogging has already made me a better person in some ways, and I hope to continue to improve as I write my Story.

I also hoped that my blog would allow us to start connecting our stories, no matter where we are. I hoped that some of my readers, however few I might have, would also consider their path in life and choose to live out their story intentionally instead of letting the days slip away. Of course, that’s aiming a wee bit high for a brand new blogger – someone who hasn’t written consistently since the late 1990’s. But I’ve always been a dreamer, even if life has smashed so many of my dreams to rubble. I still hoped this blog could MEAN something to someone.

Yesterday, I received a message from someone who I have casually known for a long time. In modern terms, we are Facebook friends: we know each other, and could definitely have a conversation if we were face-to-face, but its not much deeper than that. I know about her life through Facebook, and she knows about mine through Facebook, and now the Furry Bard. Our lives just didn’t intersect more than that.

Anyway, I had thanked her for reading the blog, and she told me that not only has she read all of them, but the one on Why I Teach had inspired her to tears. She said that she wanted to be a teacher, but she felt like she had missed out on her calling because of some bad breaks in life. However, reading that post made her believe that she can do it. She is looking into schools for this fall.

This is EXACTLY why I wanted to share my story. Not because I think my story is better than anyone else’s story, but because if we share our stories (as used to be the norm), we might be able to help each other become something more. If I hadn’t shared  my tale, she might have never started down that path. Think of all the stories she will create as she intentionally writes her life Story.

I’m humbled to think that my words could have changed the direction of one life (and all the other lives that hers will touch). I can’t express how awesome receiving that message felt. I know that not all of my blogs are dynamic – some of them I already feel ashamed of how poor the writing is, or how the punchline fell flat. I’m still new – I have a long way to go. But I still feel like I’ve accomplished a great deal based on that one message.

I know for most of you, this is just a place to read stories. I hope you’ve been touched, or excited to find out what happens next, or sad for my poor mom, or even shed a tear for my Grandpa Gil.  I hope you’ve burst into laughter a time or two. That’s what I desire each time I share a chapter of my life.

I also hope that some of you will be inspired to make changes to your own Story. I don’t know how often that will occur, but if it does happen for you, please let me know. It literally means the world to me, and makes my Story that much better.

Thank you all for reading!

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