Adventures in teaching…

This conversation occurred in my classroom. I couldn’t figure out why it was so funny to my students.

*Referring to a picture I had drawn on the whiteboard*”Ok, so this hammock connecting the trees represents how these two eras are connected…yes?”

“Wait, is that guy laying in the hammock supposed to be you?” The tittering begins.

“Why yes, it is. I draw great stick figures, don’t I?”

The laughing starts in earnest. “Uh, sure, Mr. S.”

“So, anyway, these two eras… YES?”

“Wait, do you always lay in the hammock that way?” The laughter increases in intensity.

“Yes! Haven’t you ever seen a stick figure with chest hair before?”

They are roaring with laughter at this point. “Uh, no. But really, you lay in your backyard that way?”

“Um, yes…”

“What do your neighbors think?”

“How would I know? They probably think I’m comfortable…”

Laughter is dying down… “Seriously, you ought to reconsider laying around for the whole neighborhood to see you – they probably don’t think very highly of you…”

“Ok. Enough with the hairy guy jokes.” Laughter resumes. “I’m trying to prove a point about something, and you guys are just worried about me laying in a hammock.”

“You probably should be a bit more concerned too…”

“Alright, back to the subject…”

It wasn’t until after class that I realized I needed to draw my stick figures a little more carefully…


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