A most unusual symphony…

(Please note: All mention of students and the link to the band’s video have been approved by the students AND their parents)

I’m not particularly artistic. You probably know this if you read the blog on the stick figure fiasco. But I am lucky enough to be the teacher of some amazingly talented and artistic kids. As it happens, I got to see two of them in concert this past weekend in my hometown of Northville.

Accompanied by the usual nostalgia that comes with visiting the town you grew up in, I felt a lot of excitement to see Kaley and Nicole from my 6th hour class perform. They had filled me in on their band, Unusual Symphony, way back during the first week of September. Even then, I could sense their pride and excitement – it was clear they poured themselves into their music.

That same weekend, while checking Facebook, I noticed an update from Justin Lee, a guy I had graduated high school with 16 years prior. I don’t think I had seen him since then – we were “FB acquaintances” only. It just so happened that he posted about a band he had been coaching – Unusual Symphony! Apparently, he had been working with the girls for years (despite them being relatively young at 14-15 years old), and also took great pride in the group. He had a video of the band linked to his FB, so I checked it out. I recommend that you do the same…

What’s the take away?

First, its really cool how interconnected our world is. Someone I haven’t seen in over a decade is busy playing a crucial role in the lives of students I get to see every day from September to June (and I get to read about it on a random Sunday morning on Facebook). It’s weird and wonderful how intertwined all of our lives are…

Second, I am incredibly lucky to be the teacher of such incredible young people. Kaley and Nicole have a passion for their art, and they live it – how extraordinary is that for people of any age? Beyond that, they are hard workers. It is clear they have labored diligently to master their craft, and it shows in the professional level of talent they display. What an honor to be their teacher!

And while this blog is mostly about Unusual Symphony, I can honestly say the vast majority of my students are amazingly talented. From my very first Speech and Composition class at MBS to the current crew of 158 students, working with kids gives me hope for what this world will someday become. I’m fortunate to have the greatest job in the world, and that my life intersects with so many amazing people on their way to accomplishing amazing things.

I am very blessed…

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One Response to A most unusual symphony…

  1. Kind of cool seeing the Ville in their video. All this talk of Justin takes me back to King Edward concerts.

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