On falling down and pretty girls – more stuff Riley says…

It is with apologies that I return with a brief story tonight. I have been working on several blogs, but I have been just a little too busy with life to finish any of them. I thought I would post something this evening, just so you don’t forget about the good ol’ Furry Bard…

Last Friday, I took my youngest daughter Riley to the Daddy-Daughter Dance. More on that later. However, the excitement had been building for weeks. Dress shopping, shoe shopping, the works. She kept checking in with me too – “you’re still going, right daddy?” Of course I was. How could I let this little girl down?

The day before the dance, my phone rang during class. It was the wifie – and she knows better than to call during school unless its an emergency. A few minutes later, a text rolled in. “Taking Riley to ER – she fell.”

When I talked to the wifie, it turned out Riley had fallen on the treadmill. Luckily she had the safety band on, or the damage would have been much worse. Her shoulder was pretty shredded, and her chin was scraped, and she had a deep red welt beneath her nose.

When I got home, I immediately asked her how she was doing.

“Ok, I guess.”

“What happened, baby?”

“Well, I was running on the treadmeal (that’s how she pronounces it) and I was tired, so I decided to relax and close my eyes.”

“Oh baby, you can never do that.”

“I know now.” She looked up at me, and tears began to fill her sweet little blues. “But daddy, now I won’t be beautiful for the dance tomorrow.”

“Oh sweetie, you’ll be the most beautiful girl there. I promise!”

“Ok. But do you think it would be ok if I wore some make-up to cover this up, please?”

“I’m sure that would be fine, buddy. You’ll look like a princess no matter what.”

I think she turned just fine, don’t you?


a lovely lassie with her clearly balding father

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4 Responses to On falling down and pretty girls – more stuff Riley says…

  1. Kimberly Ervin says:

    That is the sweetest thing! “Can I put some make up on?” HAHAHA Bless her sweet heart!

  2. J. Larson says:

    That’s precious! You are a wonderful father, and Riley will ALWAYS remember her special night with you!!

  3. lisatemp says:

    That picture is CRAZY adorable. 🙂

  4. Pat Hodges says:

    Precious memories being made!!!

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