Daddy-Daughter Dance

Sometimes it takes dressing up like a princess…

It can also be realizing she has so many friends that she doesn’t “need” you…

The posse

It can occur when you are standing in the awkward semi-circle of low energy dads, hoping and praying for a slow song to play…

Awkward dads unite!

It can happen when you watch her tearing up the dance floor, even though she has never danced before in her entire life…

Or it can be when she hugs you and tells you “this was the best night ever!!!”

Whatever the case, at some point, you realize your baby, your sweet little daughter, is growing up.  And you might wonder where the time has gone.  And you might get a little choked up.  And you might feel an overwhelming sense of pride.  And you might feel a tiny bit terrified of the future.  And you might jump out there and start to dance, because you don’t know when life will give you the chance again.  And you might feel sorrow because you’ve missed so much.  And you might feel hope because the tomorrow is full of second chances.

All I know is that Daddy-Daughter Dance can change your heart.  It did mine.

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5 Responses to Daddy-Daughter Dance

  1. Kimberly says:

    Awww It sure can! Its funny how one day you walk buy you kid and think Omg! How did you get so tall! Or hear them say something and you think Dang! You are so smart!….It’s hard to remember to “see” them. This was a precious post.

  2. Kimberly says:

    Ps she is an AWESOME dancer!….she gets it from Mrs Lutz and Christy! 🙂

  3. Brenda says:

    Awesome moves Riley!!!!! I see my husband in one of the pictures…he enjoyed it too!

  4. Stacie says:


  5. IamYourDaddy says:

    Great job on taking care of my granddaughter, son. I am so proud of you.

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