Giving Thanks – Day 2: The Furry Bard’s readers…

OK, so I am all caught up with this Day 2 post…

On Day 2, I am giving thanks for YOU.  That’s right, the person that is reading these words right now.  I can’t express how grateful I am that you take time out of your day to read my words.  It’s truly humbling.

When I started writing the Furry Bard back in February, I had absolutely no idea how this all would work out.  I still haven’t the faintest idea of where this is all headed.  I have read all kinds of articles on how to drive readers to your blog, but I have yet to try most of them.  I probably will at some future point, but I kind of like what has happened here – its been all organic, and 90% driven by my friends on Facebook.  In a sense, I would like it to reach a bigger audience, but I also like knowing who is reading.

I also love that you are still reading despite the hiatus I took over the summer.  I genuinely have no idea how I let almost 3 months go by with only 2 posts, but it happened.  The cool thing is that even more people are reading since I came back.  in the last three weeks, I have almost 2,000 views.  That brings the total to over 7,000 – in 34 countries.  Now I recognize that a lot of those numbers are the same people (you!!!) and perhaps a mistaken search on google (though the tooth fairy blog is apparently quite popular in Europe and India), but the number still leaves me shaken.  Again, I am so very humbled.  

I know this blog would be nothing if no one read it.  I would have quit writing long ago.  But your words of support, either on FB, or in the comment section of the blog, or when you see me in person are so meaningful.  It truly makes me feel like sharing the story, the goal of this blog, is worth it.  I can’t wait to see where this is all going.  And more than that, I am so thankful you have chosen to be along for the ride.

Thank you.  I mean that with all of my heart.

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