Giving Thanks – Day 5: Music…

I am thankful for music, mostly because of the story that each song plays in my life.  A song that has the power to take you back to a specific time and place and help you remember your own history is incredibly valuable.  I already discussed “I’m Moving On” in an earlier blog, so here are just a few other songs that I love and am thankful I can listen to and remember bits and pieces of my life so clearly…

Everybody Loves a Clown – Gary Lewis and the Playboys

When I hear this song, which is an admittedly rare occurrence, I always picture my childhood.  I can see the old hi-fi cabinet in the living room, and my parents playing this record along with Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons on a Saturday morning.

This isn’t the exact cabinet they had, but it was similar to this…

How simple was life back in the 1980’s?  Playing with my He-Man Action figures and then watching Saturday morning cartoons while tunes like “Everybody Loves a Clown” were playing in the background… much as I love my life, the memories of those simpler times sure do play the right chord for me sometimes.  Thankfully, Gary Lewis and his Playboys help bring me back to those days.

Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town Pearl Jam

This is my favorite song. Ever.  It’s literally about an elderly woman working behind the counter in a small town – someone has returned home, and she is trying to remember that person.  It’s almost the opposite version of “I’m Moving On” – this lady didn’t move on, and has spent her whole life stuck there and now she can barely remember those people from her past that come back.

What strikes me more than that is the image of my great grandmother from Sweden, Farmor, sitting in her little bedroom, watching the Price is Right on a black and white television.  Every time I hear this song, I remember her so vividly.  She lived to be just shy of 105, and had a profound impact on my life and my sister’s life.  But I often think of what it will be like when I am her age – will I be in a little, dimly lit room watching TV and waiting for my family to stop in and say hello?  What if they don’t visit?  The thought is haunting, as is this song.

Your Hands – JJ Heller

To me, this is the most beautiful Christian song I have ever heard, because it’s so real.  In particular, this verse:

I have unanswered prayers 
I have trouble I wish wasn’t there 
And I have asked a thousand ways 
That you would take my pain away 
You would take my pain away 

I do have unanswered prayers, and trouble that I just can’t shake.  In fact, I feel like life is all too often this way – please, answer me – give me direction, take away the pain!  But how wonderful to have confidence that I am in the hands of the Maker.

Macarena – Los del Rio

Why?  Because LOL.  Did we really listen to this song and do this dance senior year of high school?  Ah, the memories…

I know I could add plenty more, but I’m trying to keep these thankful posts fairly short.  Suffice it to say I am very thankful music that connects with my life in some specific way…

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