Things the girls say – The Red Light District

I thought I would take a break from giving thanks each day (Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four here, if you haven’t caught any of them) to deliver this delightful little ditty from my daughters…

So we were having a happy little family dinner at Panera when a discussion broke out over Reagan’s propensity to sleep in the same bed as Riley.  Reagan, who is older and probably shouldn’t be afraid to sleep in her own bed anymore, always tries to convince Riley that she needs to sleep with her.  Riley hates this, as “I’m a big girl, and I like having my OWN room!”

Recently, they have reached a form of compromise.  If Reagan wants to sleep in Riley’s room, she must pay Riley $1 for the privilege.  Riley is a savvy businesswoman – she knows that the supply of Riley is small, and the demand for Riley is high, and is taking advantage of the marketplace accordingly.  

This perturbs Reagan, who knows she is paying too much when she could sleep in her own bed, yet continues to pay the price nonetheless.

So at dinner tonight, the girls began arguing…

Riley: “You CAN’T sleep in my bed unless you give me the dollar.  That’s the deal!”

Reagan: “These prices are exorbitant!!!”  (I have no idea where she learned that word, but I felt pride in my heart…)

Riley: “You want to sleep in my room?  You gotta pay the price.”

Economics in action!  I love it!

Reagan:  “You know what you ought to do?  Start a business where you sleep with people for money.”

Riley:  “Hmm… not a bad idea!”

Wifie: “Umm… that’s actually probably not the best type of business to start.”

Me:  “Yeah, I’m not so sure about this.”

Reagan:  “She would make tons of money if she would let people sleep with her.  We’ll be rich!”

Riley: “Yeah, I don’t even care as long as they are paying me!”

Wifie: “You probably shouldn’t tell people about this business idea yet..”

Me:  **wondering where we went so wrong…**

In the meantime, the girls fiercely grinned at one another.  They hadn’t come up with such a great business plan since Reagan advertised the wifie’s phone number for a $.50 hand massage a few months ago.  A high five sealed the deal.  The Southwick girls will apparently be hawking their wares in the Plymouth Red Light District soon… 

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7 Responses to Things the girls say – The Red Light District

  1. Sandy Anglen says:

    You have to be making this up! I laughed so hard I thought I’d wet myself! I love your stories and your precious family, keep writing, you are brilliant!

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  5. Beau says:

    This made my morning so hilarious!

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