Student Art…


So I have a lot of students that are super talented artists.  And apparently I am an interesting muse.  As my daughter Riley recently mentioned, it probably has something to do with my “big, square head.”  Whatever the case, I have had a ton of interesting drawings of me made through the years.  I’m incredibly blessed to have such wonderful students, and I hope you enjoy their artwork as much as I do…

Mr. S as a Wampa in a cowboy shirt


Mr. S is a giraffe-like beast…

Mr. S portrait

That’s me…

Mr. S as a turtle

Mr. S as a turtle

Mr. Squirrel (ok, so it’s not me, but it relates…)

Mr. Squirrel

Daddy and Riley (not by a student, but Riley was getting jealous…)

Riley gets in on the action…

Round Head Mr. S

Big head

When AP Econ kids try to match Arts Academy kids…


My face on a Chinese Junk

Class T-shirt

Mr. S as Dumbledore

Mr. S as Dumbledore

Angry Mr. S

I said STOP!

My students have seen the future…

Southwick in 5 years (from 2011)

The King of Dew

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2 Responses to Student Art…

  1. I think I like the Chinese Junk the best. Although a squirrel worth 100 utils is also hard to beat.

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