Thoughts on Education

People often ask me my thoughts about the current state of education in the United States.  I have lots and lots of opinions, but many of them are just beginning to coalesce in my mind.  After all, I am still a noob in the world of education.  I intend to post (probably at length, knowing me) about it more and more as time goes by.

However, one speaker that has resonated with me since before I entered the world of teaching.  I saw Sir Ken Robinson speak in Long Beach, CA way back in 2008.  His talk on education garnered a standing ovation from the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), an elite group of fee-only financial planners – not educators.  Even people outside of education recognize the truths that Sir Robinson had to share – it shouldn’t all be about testing, teachers should be respected, creativity and the arts help students to flourish in all areas, etc.  To be honest, Sir Ken Robinson’s talk really reawakened my desire to be an educator, though it took another few years to start down that road.

Here’s a fairly short video of one of his talks.  I hope maybe it will lead you to some genuine discussions about where the all important topic of education is going in this country…

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