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The things we say…

“Daddy, why did you tell me I can do anything I want to in life, and then tell me I can’t?” Whoa. This jarring question smacked me across the face Saturday evening as I kissed Reagan good-night. “What do you … Continue reading

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Readin’ in the new year…

Hey all So now that the smoke has cleared and most of the attention given New Year’s Resolutions has faded, I feel it’s an opportune time for me to jump into the discussion (always fashionably late).  Actually, I’m being a … Continue reading

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The Legend of Pirate Claus…

Most of us born and raised in Christendom (and many who were not) take part in the delightful practice of gathering around the television and watching Christmas movies.  Not everyone, of course.  The following people might not take part in … Continue reading

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