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Meet the Spouses…

Blogging week continues…  if you missed any of the earlier posts, you can click on them here: The Infamous Mr. Dicks and why I blog… – Derek Losing everything and why I blog… – Nicole Interview with a Blogstress Banter with the … Continue reading

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Interview with a Blogstress – the high school years…

Joint blogging week continues with a throwback (you can find the first post about Mr. Dicks here, and Nicole’s journey to blogging is here).  If you read the post about Mr. Dicks, you know that Nicole and I met in … Continue reading

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The infamous Mr. Dicks and why I blog…

As many of you know, I will be blogging in tandem with Nicole Acciaoli Emamuel this week.  She started her blog several years ago, which was one of the main inspirations to begin my blog a year later.  We decided … Continue reading

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