Interview with a Blogstress – the high school years…

Joint blogging week continues with a throwback (you can find the first post about Mr. Dicks here, and Nicole’s journey to blogging is here).  If you read the post about Mr. Dicks, you know that Nicole and I met in 9th grade Earth Science… and if you are reading this, there is a decent chance you also went to Northville High School back in the 1990’s.  We thought it might be fun to open the book on some of those high school experiences for this blog post.  If you were there, it might bring back some fond memories.  If you weren’t, maybe it will give you a new perspective on us.  You’ll find Nicole’s answers below – mine to follow tomorrow.

 So let’s get this rolling with a softie.  There’s probably a lot to choose from over four years, but what is your favorite memory of high school?  If you can’t narrow it down to just one, feel free to throw a couple memories my way.

My favorite high school memory…I have lots of wonderful memories of lots of wonderful people. Most of my best memories relate to band, I know that makes me a band geek but I don’t care. I remember “band camp” every year to be such a fun time. Working in the back room outfitting everyone in uniforms with the other drum majors, Matt Falkawicz, Beth Patterson, Adrienne Dunkerley, Andrea Crawford. I loved when we would have a substitute teacher and everyone would switch instruments, Jenny Cole might play percussion and one of the percussionists would come to the alto sax section. But most of all, it was the football games. Sitting in the stands, marching over the bridge, going out afterwards to big boys or pizza hut. These are the things I remember. And the memories I hope my daughter makes when she goes to high school next year. Well most of the memories. Some of them…I would ground her for making. 😉

Hmm… while the natural follow up might be to ask about band camp (are the rumors TRUE???), I think I will go a different direction, lest we find out what offenses you now deem “groundable” for the next generation.  It seems like the core of your high school experience revolved around band, but that was a long time ago.  Does your “band experience” still have an impact on who you are today?  If so, how?  If not, why?

Phew.  Dodged a bullet there (those experiences in “band camp” are top secret).

I think anyone who played in band would say that they never leave those experiences behind.  I made some of my first friends there and those are friends I still see today.  For me, music has always been such an integral part of my life.  I learned to play the piano before I went to school, was writing my own songs when I was only 7 or 8…I was never really really good (there were far better players of music than I that we went to high school with) but I just loved it so much.  It’s something I can’t imagine that I would be the person I am today without.

Band camp happened at NHS by the way, so the scenes from American Pie didn’t exactly go down.  But there was one time, in a hotel at State Band Festival….oh boy! 🙂

What about the menfolk… I always remember you talking about this boy or another… who was your first high school crush?

Somehow all of my youthful stories revolve around menfolk, which in retrospect, would probably be a highly contributing factor to my sketchy GPA in high school.  But I’ll keep this one simple.  My first real kiss was in 8th Grade with a certain drummer/percussionist that I am currently Facebook friends with and it was so nice.  I have a sweet memory of that kiss—I’d call it my real first date.  I’ve always wondered if it was his first kiss too.  I hope it was.  In 9th grade I was still figuring the whole high school boy thing out.  By 10th grade.. .well.  My mom reads the blog.  And so does my husband.  But I had some very lovely, special boyfriends in high school and I was a pretty good girl, especially by today’s standards.  Can we just leave it there? 🙂

 Wow…. I’m not FB friends with too many of my ex-girlfriends… except my wife’s sister.  Anyway, four years is a lot of time to make great memories, but also plenty of time to make some mistakes.  If there was anything you could get a “do over” for, what would it be?

Note to self: Ask D-Rock about his wife’s sister.

I think if I could do it all over I would be more truthful with myself and others, I felt like I had to be “someone” in order to fit in and now I realize, I was always someone.  And that would probably have been enough.  And I would work harder, study more.  I was an average student in high school.  At this interval, I am 3/4 of the way done with my Bachelor’s Degree (even if I am a late bloomer) and I have only had 3 B’s in college ever.  I am proud of that.  But it makes me realize how much better I could have done if I had tried.  My daughter is so much smarter about that than I am.  I am so glad.

You’ve mentioned your daughter a few times at this point.  What are you feeling as your first child nears high school?  What misgivings do you have?  What do you want her to KNOW above all else as she soon moves into the next phase of her life?

Those are great questions.  I think you must have a unique point of view on this because you are a teacher of teenagers—I can’t wait to ask you about that in your interview.  Being a “younger” mom of a 13 year old, I feel like I am caught in a strange space.  In some ways I still remember the awkward wonderfulness of being 13-14-15 and I want her to have those experiences, I don’t want to take the magic away from them by allowing my own fears to interfere.  On the other hand, I still remember how much trouble there is to get into—and more trouble now than ever.  I am lucky, she is so good–much more focused than I ever was.  Maybe more focused than I am even now!  I have to tell her to relax and not sweat the small stuff more than anything.  I am strict about school and working hard, but I want her to have memories and be happy most of all.  Not too many memories though.  And ones that involve as little boys as possible…;)

I am also hoping to keep my daughters away from those dreaded “boys” – especially if the boys are like I was!  I need to work on my scare tactics…

Well, we could keep this rolling indefinitely, but lets cut it off for tonight.  Hopefully you enjoyed this little foray into the past.  If you happen to think of additional or follow-up questions, feel free to email either me or Nicole.  Tomorrow, I’ll take the hot seat.

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