The Really Big News…

First I have to disappoint all of you that are waiting for my mother-in-law to meet the Hillbilly Blog Challenge.  She has yet to indicate that she will take part in it.  In fact, she has yet to speak with me at all since My Hillbilly Vacation was posted last week.  I am hoping it is simply a function of not seeing each other – I haven’t been over to the Hillbilly Home since we got back from the trip, and it’s not like we frequently call each other just to shoot the breeze.  However, I know a lot of you have contacted me asking when she will be meeting the challenge and I just don’t know the answer.  Maybe soon, and maybe never.  I’ll keep you posted.


In the meantime, I should probably update everyone as to the other big news – just in case you missed it.  I’ll share it with you as my wife shared it with me.

Many of you know I started grad school last January.  It was a spur of the moment decision and really should have been thought through a little better, but that’s not how I roll.  So I dove in head first, and found myself swamped as I tried to keep my head above the water. Several other really big (and negative) things happened at that time, and I will share at least one of them here in the weeks to come.  It genuinely was one of the worst periods of my life, though it somehow managed to bring our little family closer.  

When May finally arrived, my first semester of grad school came to an end.  Good riddance.  As I typed the last few lines for my reflective blog, I felt a sense of peace come over me.  It crept out of some unknown corner inside me and just overwhelmed me and lifted my spirit.  I’m not a positive guy by nature, so this was a strange and welcome sensation.

I clicked submit on the blog, and I soared out of my chair.  Done!  Heart full of hope, I sought out my wife, who was sitting on the bed organizing her purse.  Even seeing the contents of her purse (the stuff of nightmares) dumped on our bed couldn’t bring me down.  

“Babe, guess what?  I just hit submit on my last paper of my first semester of grad school.  I’m done!”

“Oh, that’s so awesome!  I am so proud of you!”  Even the wifie was feeling my positive vibes.

“I can’t even tell you how happy I am.  My whole spirit is… lifted.  I just feel so full of hope right now.  I feel like no matter what happens, everything is going to be OK!”


“Do you really feel that way?  Just from hitting submit?”

“Well, yeah.”  Couldn’t she feel the positivity crackling in the air?  “Right now, I feel like EVERYTHING is gonna work out for us!”


“Well,” wifie said, somewhat cautiously, “since you are feeling so positive, I should probably give you this now.”  She handed me a card.  “I was going to wait, but since you are so… hopeful… you should probably read this.”

Hmm… this was a bit strange.  I opened the card, and found this on the outside:

Baby card

OK… maybe she was wishing me luck for the end of the school year or the upcoming semester of grad school…

Then I opened the card:

baby card 2

Did I say EVERYTHING is gonna be OK?  

Another kid?  A decade after the last one was born?  I mean, our hands are already full trying to keep the two girls from starting a red light district in our town. And now we’re gonna be parents again?  And this time, we’ll be old parents too! Of all the things I expected to find in that card… To borrow the famous words of my hillbilly father-in-law, “Oh my…”

More to come…


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One Response to The Really Big News…

  1. daddybriefs says:

    Congrats on your grad school and on the new baby! I too started grad school right before our baby was born and recently just finished my coursework. It only took me three years, but its all worth it in the end or so they say. Going to grad school is tough, going to grad school while raising an infant/toddler is even harder. With that said, If I can do it, anyone can do it. Hang in there! Congrats!

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